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Gut Health: Exploring Leaky Gut and How To Heal It

Welcome to our course on gut health, where you will learn to understand, heal, and fortify your digestive health. They say - knowing is half the battle, so I commend you on taking the first step towards healing insha’Allah.

Learn the crucial steps to identifying a leaky gut and how to heal it!

Module 1 - The Basics

  • Introduction to gut health. 
  • What is the gut?
  • The digestive process.

 Module 2 - The Details

  • Intestinal permeability.
  • Why gut health is important?
  • What is the Microbiome?
  • How does the gut health affects different body organs/function?

Module 3 - The Breakdown

  • Leaky gut
  • What is a leaky gut
  • Symptoms of leaky gut
  • Reasons for leaky gut

Module 4 - The Healing Protocol

  • How to Repair the leaky gut 

Included in this offer:

  • All Lessons are pre-recorded for your convenience
  • One 60-minute pre-recorded Q&A session with Dr. Fawziyah Abdelqadir 
  • Gut Health Workbook
  • WhatsApp Student Community


  1. Gut Health eBook (pdf format)
  2. Gut Health Assessment Questionnaire
  3. Restoring Gut Health Protocol


Dr. Fawziyah has successfully helped many patients with allergies, food sensitivities, gut disorders, migraines, autoimmune disorders (e.g., type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis), sleep disorders, fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, hormonal disorders, skin issues, as well as different chronic conditions.

She helps her patients find the root causes of their illnesses, utilizing diet and lifestyle modification, spiritual counselling, and providing supplements or herbal remedies.