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Herbs Designed for Women's Health

The Divine gifts for menstrual issues, fertility, and perimenopause

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In this workshop, you will 

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As young women start their menstrual cycle, they can often be faced with debilitating pain that is often managed with prescription medication. Irregular periods, ovarian cysts, and unbearable pain are often a sign that the body is off balance and needs some TLC.
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The fertility phase of life has two extremes, those who desperately want to become pregnant and those who are trying to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Learn the signs of ovulation and infertility, and how restore balance to your body in both conditions.
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The final years of menstruation can be filled with discomfort, hormonal fluctuations, hot flashes and many unwanted symptoms. Herbs have always been used to ease the transition to menopause by our ancestors, and it’s just as relevant today.

Explore the world of women’s health with the natural healing power of herbs as designed for us by Allah SWT. From menstrual cramps to infertility, heavy periods to no periods at all, lactation to menopause, Allah SWT has created herbs for every stage of our feminine journey.


رَبَّنَا مَا خَلَقْتَ هَـٰذَا بَـٰطِلًۭا

“Our Lord! You have not created ˹all of˺ this without purpose. 

Ali Imran, 191


Everything is designed with precision and purpose. Herbs have always been part of traditional medicine, Prophetic medicine, and Islamic medicine.

In this webinar, Insha’Allah I will equip you with how to use herbs you probably already have in your kitchen to support your hormonal health and ease whatever stage you are in.

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Coach and Mentor

Aiman Attar, a dedicated researcher in Prophetic Medicine, Islamic Medicine, and Herbalism, embodies the role of a nurturing mother to her five children while striving to uphold the teachings of Islam and Islamic medicine in preventing illness, fostering healing, and providing nourishment.

Driven by a profound dissatisfaction with the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the limited solutions offered by modern medical science to address general health problems, she embarked on a passionate quest to uncover remedies for holistic well-being through traditional nourishment and therapies. Recognizing the challenges posed by our fast-paced and chaotic lifestyle, Aiman endeavors to discover practical solutions that seamlessly integrate into our busy routines, empowering individuals and families to attain optimal health and wellness.

Your Instructor

Aiman Attar is a researcher in Prophetic Medicine, Islamic Medicine and Herbalism. As a mother of 5, her objective is to prevent illness as well as heal and nourish herself and her family according to the teachings of Islam and Islamic medicine. Dissatisfied with the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the lack of solutions for general health problems in modern medical science, she began her quest to discover remedies for wellness from traditional nourishment and therapies that can fit into our busy, chaotic lifestyle.

Insha'Allah, this is an interactive LIVE webinar, so bring your questions!