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Welcome to the Living By Design Mentorship Programme

The transformative journey of learning how to restore balance using food and herbs as designed by Allah ﷻ.

Confused about what to eat? Tired of all the trendy diets and their countless limitations? Not sure how to incorporate Prophetic medicine into your lifestyle? I’ve got you! Let me be your mentor in this incredible 6-month programme. Yes, that’s 6 months of mentorship, direct access to asking me questions, group coaching calls and community support.

I want you to be my mentor!

"Then the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was brought milk, and he drank (it). The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) then said: When one of you eats food, he should say: O Allah, bless us in it, and give us food (or nourishment) better than it. When he is given milk to drink he should say: O Allah! bless us in it and give us more of it, for no food or drink satisfies like milk.”

Sunan Abi Dawud 3730

How can the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) state that no food or drink satisfies like milk when modern nutrition claims that cow milk is only for baby calves? 

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Belief is the foundation of our lives. It can impact our behavior and shape our character.  For the majority of my life, I had an ingrained trust in Modern Medicine and Nutrition. I ate according to the food pyramid of daily nutritional requirements and believed almost unquestionably in the Western medical system and the pharmaceuticals that automatically came with it. 

It was only when my health started failing at a rapid rate that I turned to researching and studying Prophetic Medicine, Islamic Medicine, and Herbalism. I'm currently working towards my Clinical Herbalist designation and Hijama Practitioner Certification.

The more I studied the Qur’an and hadith, the more I found myself confused. How can milk be a prophetic food yet demonized in modern nutrition? Why does the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)  recommend herbs that we don’t even know how to use in our present time?

I started to look at everything through the lens of Islam to gain a deeper understanding of why our modern diet is making us sick and what we can do to restore balance with food and herbs as designed for us by Allah ﷻ.

Let people then consider their food how We pour down rain in abundance and meticulously split the earth open ˹for sprouts˺, causing grain to grow in it, as well as grapes and greens, and olives and palm trees, and dense orchards, and fruit and fodder — all as ˹a means of˺ sustenance for you and your animals.


Surat Abasa 24-32

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SubhanAllah, I couldn't believe how simple changes I  implemented from the Sunnah had a massive impact on my well-being.

I learned when and how much to use of each herb taught in the Prophetic Sunnah (such as Black Seed, Qust Al Hindi, Senna Leaves, etc).

I felt empowered to nurse my health and my family's health back to wellness whenever anyone fell sick using prophetic remedies, Islamic medicine's guidelines, and herbs found in my kitchen.

I reconnected to my body and understood that my body type determines how I absorb nutrients, how I build muscle and store fats.

I began to see Allah ﷻ in every item I purchased in the farmer's market, realizing that everything He created was specifically designed in this particular season to counterbalance the health issues we would face and to nourish our bodies according to the demands of that specific environment.

I embraced herbal teas in my daily life and experienced firsthand how my nervous system, immune system, reproductive system, and mental health flourished by just incorporating one herb at a time.

I unleashed my inner chef to concoct meals according to what's seasonally available and developed the confidence to create my own recipes based on traditional cooking methods.

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"This programme is for you if you want to start being in control of your food and nutrition.  Sister Aiman very patiently holds your hand and guides you through various cooking techniques, recipes, and Sunnahs.  Her tips and tricks are legendary, and above all, you walk away with a mindset shift that allows you to implement a more intuitive and traditional way of life."

Sobiya [Living By Design Mentee]

If Allah intends goodness for someone, he gives him understanding of the religion.

Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 71

Somewhere along the path to good health, truths changed. Our food changed. Our medicine changed. Our relationship with our history changed. We find ourselves disconnected: disconnected from the earth, from nature, from each other, from our food… and even disconnected from our own bodies.

The rise of secularism and the acceptance of the evolution theory eroded the truth that Allah ﷻ meticulously designed our nutrition and medicine.


This modern medicinal system is built upon an atheistic and evolutionary view of life. When God is removed from medicine, then there is no belief that evil spirits/devils or envy can harm human beings. It also means there is no concept of prayer as part of healing. There is no herbal medicine either in the teachings of medicine. The basic foundation of medicine is built upon flawed beliefs…. How then can we expect the rest of this medicine not to be riddled with errors? 

Shouldn't our lifestyle and dietary choices be guided by the One who created us? After all, Allah ď·» is the Designer and Creator of our bodies. Who better to direct us in taking optimal care of ourselves than Him?

Because the truth is modern nutrition is more interested in profit than health benefits:

  • Trendy diets are often focused on weight loss and not necessarily healing the body
  • There is so much contradictory information on nutrition and eating healthy that we don't even know who to trust anymore
  • Modern nutrition does not understand nor implement the knowledge of food temperament, energetics, or actions

"The Living Dy Design Mentorship Programme is indeed worth its name, as it's a total way of life, just as Islam is. It is returning back to the Athaar in the aspect of the concept of nutrition and lifestyle. Best still, it is practical, so you live what you learn."

Nafeesah (Living By Design Mentee)



What if there was a way to revive the lost knowledge of Prophetic medicine, Islamic medicine and Herbalism without spending months buried in books, years in various courses, and a lifetime of trial by error? 


What if you can learn directly from a mentor who will hold your hand and support your journey to Islam-centric health and wellness?

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Abu Hurairah narrated that he heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) say:

“In black seed there is healing for every disease, except the Sam.” "Sam means death.” (Sunan Ibn Majah)

If you’re healthy from the inside out, 

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You don't need to travel far to experience the wisdom of learning from elders and the encouragement of a like-minded community! 

"Before starting this, I was so overwhelmed with all the advice out there on how to live a healthy life, with so many contradictions and an endless list of do’s and dont’s. This program has helped me feel more calm in my approach to living healthily. It’s put me in the right frame of mind, to have an approach which is deen-centred and one of balance. Overall, I am more mindful of what I consume."

Rubina (Living By Design Mentee)


Introducing the "Living By Design Mentorship Programme" 6-month transformative journey.

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Learn how to eat according to the foods available in the seasons in your climate.

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Move according to your own pace while allowing the knowledge to seep in.

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Practice traditional cooking methods that have been used for thousands of years.

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Create a positive mindset towards nutrition and break the toxic relationship with food.

Living By Design

Mentorship Programme 

12-Step Transformation Overview
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Mindset, Goals, and Checklists

Things that we have to do mentally to get ready for transformation. This will set the foundation for the next 6-months.

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How to Prepare for Success

These are the tips and tricks on how to make it easier for you in the kitchen with food prep and a busy schedule.

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Cooking Techniques #1 

Building a salad is the first technique we focus on to increase the consumption of plant-based nutrients.

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Cooking Techniques #2

Soup becomes a focal meal in the fall and winter as the weather cools and we need more warming foods.

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Cooking Techniques #3 

Pilafs are nutrient-dense, grain-based dishes that can include plant or animal protein and are cooked with bone broth.

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Cooking Techniques #4 

Scented with meat is a cooking technique where a meal is created with a scarce amount of animal protein.

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Cooking Techniques #5 

Fermented foods are part of a complete diet. Learn the do’s, don’ts and what’s Halal and Haram in fermentation.

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Cooking Techniques #6 

Fermented dairy Yogurt and Kefir are easy to make and full of probiotics that maintain a healthy gut balance.

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Cooking Techniques #7 

Building a potent remedy out of herbs found in your kitchen empowers you to own your healing journey.

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Confidence In The Kitchen 

Practice builds confidence. You are now equipped with the knowledge, how-to, and support to succeed.

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The Six Medicinal Tastes 

Learn the 6 medicinal tastes and how balancing them becomes easier when you connect back to how your food grows.

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Ready, Set, and Go Bloom

You now have the roots of knowledge needed to bloom, implementing and teaching others is how you will grow.

Start 2024 with a virtual village designed for your success.

Living By Design Mentorship Programme

$99 each month for 6 months

1 Year Access to Pre-Recorded Lessons

4 remaining Live Group Mentorship Lessons (1 hour every 2 weeks) starting on

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 1pm EST 

12 Delicious, Balanced Recipes (1 recipe per lesson)

6 Food List (Seasonal Foods, High Histamine Foods, Animal Protein,  Plant Protein, Glycemic Food, Iron-Rich Foods)

Engaging Challenges  With Each Lesson

Living By Design Workbook

Living By Design Online Community and WhatsApp Community Access (Direct Access To Ustadha Aiman Attar for Q&A and Support)


12 Healing Herbal Monographs (1 Herb per lesson)

How-To Make: Natural Deodorant, Toothpaste and Lotion

The Islamic Medicine Guide To The Body Types eBook

6 Monthly Payments of $99 per month
One-Time Payment of $594
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This course is for you if:

  1. You want to restore your balance using food and herbs and live in accordance to how we are designed.

  2. You’re a hijama practitioner/specialist who implements part of Prophetic Medicine but lacks the knowledge and understanding of the other healing therapies.

  3. You’re a Muslim modern medicine doctor who finds their impact on other people’s health limited because of the limitations of modern medicine.
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This course is not for you if:

  1. You don’t believe in prophetic medicine.

  2. You don’t believe that Herbalism is science and evidence-based healing.

  3. You’re only looking for a quick fix and not a lifestyle transformation and mind shift.

A little about

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Aiman Attar is a researcher in  Prophetic Medicine, Islamic Medicine, and Herbalism. As a mother of 5, her objective is to prevent illness as well as heal and nourish herself and her family according to the teachings of Islam and traditional medicine. Dissatisfied with the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the lack of solutions for general health problems in modern medical science, she began her quest to discover remedies for wellness from traditional nourishment and therapies that can fit into our busy, chaotic lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a big step for you, and I want you to be totally on board with me. Some of these questions may still be lurking in your mind, so let’s address them!