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I’m Aiman Attar
Researcher, Author, Prophetic medicine, Islamic medicine and Herbalism Advocate


I'm on a mission to help you own your health journey and rediscover the essence of wellbeing by connecting you with Prophetic medicine, Islamic medicine and Herbalism.

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My body was screaming at me, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.


Even though I had experienced several health issues at different stages in my life, I didn’t give much thought to them until the pepper allergy introduced a new struggle in my life. It jolted me out of my sleep and prompted me to do some serious research.

I knew there had to be a reason my body was rejecting something so natural.

It was extremely difficult to avoid peppers as they are a common ingredient in most dishes. It wasn’t even a specific type of pepper which made it even more of a challenge. To add to this, at the beginning of 2018, I developed multiple other allergies that reduced my food options further. I was on a constant food watch, and my time was largely consumed in checking what was safe for me to eat and what wasn’t.

So I did what I should have done a long time ago.
I dug into books and began reading and researching.
I started with the ‘Medicine of the Prophet (pbuh)’ book by Ibn al Qayyim, and it changed the way I looked at my health.
While I tried to adjust my life according to my findings, I still hadn’t brought about the 360° transformation my family and I needed.

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But a year and a half after my pepper allergy, that changed. With the birth of my son, it finally dawned upon me that we were heading for a health crisis.


My life took a turn as my son needed to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
In those two lonely weeks I spent with my newborn baby in the NICU, I decided to write a book. I wanted to write about black seeds, allergies, healing and even breastfeeding. I remember jotting my ideas down on a napkin from the cafe in the hospital.

This was the birth of my book ‘Nurasunna Rediscover Wellness’. Nurasunna translates to ‘The light of Prophetic guidance’, which is exactly what the knowledge enclosed in my book is all about. In it, I’ve recorded my findings and research about the sacred knowledge of traditional nourishment, prophetic medicine and herbalism.

The next two years proved to be quite difficult for my health and the health of my children. My 8-week old baby didn’t respond well to his first vaccine. The same week, I was given anti-fungal medication for his mouth for thrush (candida overgrowth). What I didn’t know at the time was that the antifungal medicine in combination with the rotavirus oral vaccine threw off his digestive system and would begin a series of health complications. Instead of pooping several times a day, as was normal for a breastfeeding baby of his age, he was only pooping once a week. His abdomen was hard, he would break out in pimples and he developed pain and cramping. It was not normal.

But the breaking point was when at 20 months old, we discovered that his four front teeth and two molars were riddled with cavities. What was worse was that the doctors suggested this was caused by breast milk. Several desperate visits to paediatric and natural dentists concluded that his four front teeth need to be extracted, and I would have to stop breastfeeding him immediately.

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I refused to accept it.

I was angry.

I was fed up.

And I was ready to fight!

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The thought of removing his 4 teeth at such a young age was devastating and I went on full ‘warrior’ mode. I spent day and night researching to try to find the cause and refused to extract his teeth.
According to my research, the antifungal medication given to him when he was 2 months old combined with the rotavirus vaccine and disbalanced the good bacteria in his digestive system. This created irritable bowel syndrome which threw off his oral/dental bacteria and led to dental decay. It wasn't breast milk or any other food that was the problem. It was the medication/vaccination prescribed by the medical system.
Soon after this, a book by Dr. Weston A. Price, a Canadian dentist renowned at his time, ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ caught my attention. In it, he emphasised the importance of fresh, unpasteurized, grass-fed milk as well as other foods to prevent dental decay. The findings from this book inspired me to change the dairy we consumed.

We began drinking raw milk instead of pasteurised milk, and 4 years later, we felt better than before.

Store bought butter was replaced with grass-fed butter that I would make myself.
Packaged bread with sourdough and homemade bread.

I started making my own yoghurt and dairy kefir and fermented cucumbers and turnips.

It took years for us to change our diet. But once we did, there was no going back.

We replaced the “unhealthy” modern foods with natural, unprocessed, pesticide-free options that were in-line with traditional nourishment and prophetic medicine.

My quest to learn the functioning of our body and desire to leave behind a legacy of a healthy lifestyle for my future generations inspired me to create Nurasunna Rediscover Wellness.

Through my book, courses, and one-on-one coaching, I aim to help you take ownership of your health. I’ve helped men and women facing various health issues find the answers they were looking for and regain the confidence to live an empowered healthy life.

I’ve spent 7 years researching and learning about Traditional and Prophetic nutrition and medicine. In 2019, I decided to enrol in an Herbalism Diploma to add to my knowledge and to continue my understanding of herbs and healing.

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‘Nurasunna Rediscover Wellness’ is not based on just
learning but on a complete lifestyle transformation.

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Equip you

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Enlighten you

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Empower you

So that you can face any disease or health issue fearlessly, and live each day to its full potential!

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How exactly will I help you?

By listening to you. And giving you the answers to your unheard question. My aim is to empower and equip you so that you can take ownership of your body.

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What can I teach you?

How you can achieve vibrant health and attain freedom from an endless cycle of aches and pains. I want you to THRIVE. Not merely survive.

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Why am I so passionate? 

Because I know EXACTLY how it feels when you can’t find someone who understands. So no matter how crazy it sounds, you deserve to be heard.

I invite you to get on board with me and begin a journey of revolutionary learning.

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