Nurasunna: the Light of Prophetic Guidance

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NURASUNNA means the light of Prophetic guidance. It is a guide to nutrition and medicine according to the traditional wisdom of the Prophetic medicine, Islamic medicine and Herbalism.

I've never shared this before, but Nurasunna Rediscover Wellness wasn't the name I started with when I first embarked on this journey.

The first name I coined was Believe - Eat - Thrive. I used this name for a few months but didn't feel it was unique as it was very similar to Eat - Pray - Love, and I began noticing many people using a similar combination of the words to illustrate what their business was about.

So, I changed the name to Traditional Healing Nourishment but found that the website domain was uncomfortably long, plus it didn't roll off the tongue very easily.

I wanted a name that was unique.
A name with depth.
Something easy to pronounce.
And it had to encapsulate the wisdom and enlightenment of Islam.

So I decided to turn an Arabic sentence into a word.

"Nur" means light
"A" means of
"Sunna" means Prophetic guidance (way)

Nurasunna was born and its tagline was Rediscover Wellness.

It felt and still feels like the perfect marriage between traditional and modern, and it gave life to everything I had envisioned in my heart.

People often think that Nura is my name, but it's not, My name is Aiman (pronounced Eman) and my last name is Attar.

Now ironically, Eman in Arabic means faith and Attar means herbalist (the person who sells herbs, essential oils, and herbal formulas), and my entire business of Nurasunna is combining faith and herbs for healing.

So then the final question is why --- well, the opportunity to purchase the domain came up and I couldn't resist.

Alhamdulilahi rabbul Alameen.

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